The subject of looking for ecological, planet-friendly solutions is more and more important these days. More people are interested in using recycable materials in order to save the Earth from destruction. Among them, we can find the company PietHeinEek.

Piet Hein furniture: think about the environment

PietHeinEek is a Dutch company, which owes its name to its owner: the grat designer Piet Hein Eek. He is well known from his love to the planet and the materials, which are used during production of the Piet Hein furniture are mostly safe for the planet.

What is more, the Piet Hein tables and other types of home furniture, are designed to bring out the real beauty of nature. Piet Hein Eek, like no one else, shows that wood or other types of materials, don’t have to look perfect to offer you great looks and quality.

Perfectly imperfect Piet Hein table

One of the most popular product coming from this brand is table. While many years ago, people would probably laugh at the look of it – the imperfect lines and colours of the tables find followers all over the world.

Also, the designer and his company are well known from collaborating with many brands. One of the most famous partnerships resulted in a collection of furniture, which could have been found in IKEA. If you’re looking for a luxurious furniture, that will be safe for the planet and offer the best looks all the same – you should definitely check out what is in current collection of PietHeinEek. Suffice to say: you’ll love it!