Tray as an element of tableware, at first you probably associate with waiter. It’s only later that such pleasant associations come to mind as your own parties at home and in the garden, or breakfast tray and breakfast served to your beloved one. Either way, the waiter tray has many uses and is useful in many home situations.

The commonly used tray is a piece of flat and relatively light element made of rigid material, on which you can carry items of tableware, plates, glasses, cutlery, and other necessary accessories. The shape and size of the tray can be very different, just like the type of material it is made from.


Metal tray is popular, sometimes made of pure gold or silver and richly decorated. In this version it is usually a family heirloom or is a decorative item of high value. Modern stainless steel trays are a bit of a taste of ancient splendor, but also an extremely practical utility object. It is durable, resistant to the sign of time and almost indestructible, it is difficult to scratch it, it can not be chipped or damaged. The key tray is very hygienic and easy to use, it does not retain colors and odors, it does not discolour and it is enough to clean and polish it so that it enjoys an impeccable smoothness.


The brass tray is also eagerly chosen, it is a version of a metal tray, modernized replica of old elements of court tableware, matching stylish restaurants in castles or basements of old tenement houses and kitchen with a soul. A mirror tray made of high-gloss polished silver, steel or other metal is also excellent. It has unique decorative qualities, but one should also take care of its surface so that it does not lose its charm.


There is also a wooden tray, a popular utility object, modeled after folk handicrafts or exotic products imported as souvenirs from foreign journeys. In a typical version of the key tray made of pine, acacia or beech, in the oriental version, most often it is a bamboo tray, while in the luxury edition, it is made of teak or mahogany wood, exotic bark or other valuable and unique specimens.

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