GentnerIncreasingly, people who practice free profession and young parents decide to arrange a cabinet at home. So how do you go about it?
How home office will look, depends on what kind of work we do and how much time we will spend in it. Depending on whether we want to allocate the entire room to the study, or just to separate the corner to work in another room and whether it is only to serve us for private purposes or we will attend customers in it, we will choose the appropriate Gentner equipment.
The most important equipment of each office is a comfortable armchair, a large desk and adequate lighting of the workplace. It is also worth having a bookcase and a cabinet with drawers for useful things to handy.
If we are going to attend customers in it, think about an additional chair, armchair or sofa, where customers can rest comfortably.
A good desk Gentner lamp should direct the light beam exactly to a specific part of the desk surface. We must remember that if we are right-handed, the lamp should stand on the left side and vice versa – left-handers should position it on the right side. Thanks to this, we are sure that we will not cover the light with our own hand and it will reach the place where we focus our eyes.

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